Blizzard 2016

New York took a beating this weekend.  We got over 25 inches of snow this weekend!  Am  I the only one who looks out the window like a little kid, giggling with every inch that accumulates?  I cannot explain the feeling I get as the snow falls to the ground.  It is almost as if a hush comes over the city and all is calm.  Ahh, if it could only be like this all the time (not the snow but the calmness).  It is at this time that my “little kid” comes back and I embracing it all.  But then…the day after.

The calm that was in the air the night before is one.  Now, all I hear are the loud, scraping sounds of shovels being brought down with huge force, slinging the snow onto the street.  Snow that was as white as a cotton ball just the day before is now yellow stained and brown from dogs using the snow as its personal restroom.  Ugh.  My mood has totally changed.  Oh well, I’m alive, right?  We didn’t lose our electricity so that was a blessing.  There were a lot of folks who were not as fortunate.  I guess this kind of like seasonal depression.

Do the seasons affect you?  If so, how?  I would like to hear about it.



A Brownie Kind of Day..

Yesterday started off pretty good. I was in a good mood, watched a couple of shows on TV, did some homework. Yeah, it was pretty good. But then, I got some bad news. I found that a co-worker/friend of mine passed away from battling a long illness. Sigh..Whatever good vibes I felt earlier that day were gone.

We all know that food can be the root of all evil when you’re upset or depressed, and especially if you are an emotional eater like I am. Emotional eating is dangerous and can sneak up on you without you realizing it. I’ve actually been doing pretty good dealing with it by focusing on other things. But today, I just said the heck with it. Today was gonna be a brownie kind of day today.  No, it won’t bring my friend back but just for a few minutes, it made me feel better.


RIP my friend. You are in pain no more…..

Byee 2015!

Don’t get me wrong.  I am appreciative of every day that I am alive but, 2015 really did me in physically.  Sciatica became a name I have become all too familiar with, not to mention I tore a tendon in my heel (ouch).

Sciatica is a pain that affects the large nerve extending from the lower back down the back of each leg.  In my case the pain shot down the right side of my lower back, down to my butt and down to my calf.  When I got hit with it, it was crippling.  It is THE worst back pain that I have ever experienced in my life.  What made it extra scary was the fact that I had never heard of it so I didn’t know what it entailed.  Let me tell  you – I now know what it entails!  It took 3 hard months for me to finally feel about 80% better.  I am not complaining.

As for my foot, it is still a work in progress.  It takes a long time for your tendon to heal.  Every time I take 3 steps forward in getting exercise in my daily routine, something happens to me where it puts me 5 steps back.  But, as always I dust myself off (that’s my friend’s famous line) and get back on track.  I am going into 2016 hoping that I can continue on my journey to good health like I was doing before I got hit with all the pain.

Wish me luck….