How I Survived Thanksgiving

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OMG, I survived Thanksgiving but now Christmas is coming! Thanksgiving, by the way, happens to be my favorite holiday of the year. Besides all the good food, it’s a time to get together and share quality time with family and friends. However, all the food wreaks havoc on my weight loss efforts. Listen, I gotta be honest here..I am NOT gonna pass up on all that delicious food during the holidays so there’s no use fooling myself or making myself feel guilty about it. I constantly tell myself that all I can do is enjoy the holiday and when it’s over, move on.

Although I knew I would gain some weight during Thanksgiving I was still scared to death to get on the scale. But, after talking to myself about moving forward and “what was done was done”, I did get on the scale. I gained 3.5 pounds. Now I know some of you may be gasping out there but for me, this wasn’t so bad. I truly thought that I would have gained more. So nowwww I get a chance to make up for all the goodies I had Thanksgiving weekend. One thing that is in my favor is the fact that I have been walking more. My biggest achievement so far since my Achilles tendon surgery has been that I can now walk to and from the subway. The subway is about 8 or 9 blocks from my house and takes me about 15 minutes each way (going and coming). So, we’ll see how it goes. Until next week!

*I gained another pound since I originally started this post for a total 4.5 (sigh). But, I can’t dwell on that – I must keep moving forward. Pray for me!

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