Back to work..

So my vacation, which was not a vacation is over.  This past Monday was my first day back to work and I gotta tell you – it was hard to get out of bed that morning.  It was a little awkward going at first but after a couple of hours I was back in the groove.

After months of being confined to the house (except for dr. visits) walking throughout the day proved to be a challenge.  I have to adjust to getting out and about without being totally out of breath or without being in pain.  By the time Thursday came, I was starting to get that all too familiar feeling in my heel….and it wasn’t good.  Today I am chilling at home with the hopes that by staying off my foot this weekend some of the pain will subside.  I go back to my doctor on Tuesday.  He wants to see how my foot is doing after one week of being at work.

Pray for me folks.

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