Back at it again…

Sigh.  So, I had surgery on my Achilles heel exactly 19 days ago.  Yes, you read this right.  My Achilles is torn again.  Back in November I was home, mending from a torn tendon but after 5 months of being home and then returning to work, my heel began to hurt again.  After physical therapy and wearing that Gawwd awful boot and then getting a second opinion, I was told that I needed surgery.

I had the surgery on July 28th and thankfully, it was a success.  There were no issues during the surgery and most importantly – I LIVED!  I was so worried about the surgery that I never gave the recovery a second thought.  That was a huge mistake!  Upon leaving the hospital I was told that I would have to do ONLY “non weight bearing” activities for 4 weeks and then be in a cast and boot for another 4 weeks (ughhhhhhh!).  Were they serious?  That means that I would not be able to walk on my foot at all for a whole month.  How the hell am I gonna do that?!!  The hospital gave me 2 choices – crutches or a walker with wheels.  After 2 near spills on the cold hard tile, I told the nurse, “I’ll take the walker for $10,000 thank you very much.”  However, the walker is not without its challenges.  Hopping on one foot for 3 weeks straight wreaks havoc on your leg and foot.  If I keep going like this, by the time I walk again my left side is going to need surgery.  As I blog this I am waiting for my knee scooter to arrive.  At least with the scooter I won’t have to hop anymore and would be more mobile.  At least that’s what I am hoping.


Thank God for family and friends.  If it weren’t for my mom coming from Virginia to New York to take care of me, I don’t know what I would have done.  I need someone here around the clock so there’s nothing better than having your mom take care of you. Brings you back to your childhood, don’t it?

So….I’m back to reading, Hulu and blogging.  Is there anyone else out there that had to have surgery and is bored to tears like I am?  Let me know in the comment section below.


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